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Wingracers Sports Games is developer and publisher of the game Red Bull Air Race. It is based on the real Red Bull Air Race World Championship which is considered the fastest motorsport series in the world and is now virtually realized in an AAA -high-resolution quality.


Red Bull Air Race – The Game transfers the incomparable fascination of the rapid air-race-series into a gaming experience available for professional pilots as well as amateurs. Real flying redefined!

Fair Play and Content Marketing,

Game progress can only be achieved through each player’s performance. With Red Bull Air Race – The Game Wingracers Sports Games creates an innovative marketing platform called In-Game-Advertising. IGA is an optimized solution for our clients and advertising partners to place their products and advertising messages in a new market environment – in-game – appropriate to their respective target groups. We offer diverse options to place content and interact with users.

As real as it gets

Red Bull Air Race – The Game offers a high-end and redefined flight experience. In-game “pilots” are transferred to the realistic track environment of the Red Bull Air Race. All race tracks are built according to the original series’ and thus Spielberg, Budapest, the Grand Canyon and many others are realized in a brilliant ultra-high definition (4K) visual quality. An even more realistic flight experience can be achieved by using Oculus Rift Virtual Reality goggles that fully support Red Bull Air Race as one of the first games ever.

True free 2 play

Red Bull Air Race – The Game is a true Free-To-Play model without any hidden costs and can be downloaded for free at:
„Play-to-Win“ instead of „Pay-to-Win“: We pursue real sporting goals where the player is obliged to practise and/ or use his skills to achieve progress and ultimately become a real racing pilot.

True E-Sports Game

Real Flying – redefined
Red Bull Air Race – The Game offers solo player mode as well as multiplayer mode. Players can participate in online air race competitions with other players and track their results and listings on the in-game leaderboad. To make it an even more exciting experience, advertising partners can sponsor online premium cups where the most talented pilots can win real prizes!

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